Through my diverse background, I have developed a multi-faceted skill set to help you create a story around your business – across all online platforms.




When I was a cunning wizard.

I was a daydreamer.

Like most eccentric young boys, I had an artistic streak. I spent much of my time pretending to be Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, Le Corbusier or Shakespeare (or rather just Hamlet because he was gloomy). And read comic books too numerous to mention. My favourite book at the time was Sophie’s World, Jostein Gaarder’s novel about History and Philosophy, which made me realise just how infinite the world of ideas could be. It was a world to which I knew I belonged and one that led me to who I was.


My life’s pursuit has been to breathe life into ideas – to make them somehow tangible. As a result, I’ve worked in film, publishing, education and digital marketing. And because of my worldly curiosity, I have lived on four continents, including Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.



Blogging keeps your web content fresh, keeps search engines interested and helps to establish your brand as a thought leader. But where do you find the time or the energy required to come up with original, valuable content? From features and expert interviews to how-to articles and general advice, let me worry about what to say and how to say it – and help you lead the conversation around your brand.


There’s no better way to manage your customer relationships than with email. But the Dear-Valued-Customer emailer has never had a heyday, convenient as it is. So, what goes in the subject line? How much of your email is going to be visual? What’s MailChimp? I take care of every aspect of your email newsletters or promotions – including copy, design and layout. Even the technical stuff.


Your website is your brand’s home on the internet. When deciding whether to buy your product or service, your brand’s message can make up your customer’s mind within 10 seconds. But your web copy not only conveys who you are, it also impacts your SEO. Let me help you drive the right traffic to your website with fresh, informative language seasoned with just the right blend of keywords and phrases.


Waiting for inspiration to strike? Press releases are a necessary but time-consuming part of your marketing plan – an elusive tick box that somehow always gets pushed to the end of the day. Tick one item off your list. Send it my way and let’s grab the media’s attention with your news, events or company announcements.


Recent studies have shown that infographics get three times more likes and shares on social media than any other type of content. They drive brand engagement with your online community, open up previously unexplored social media platforms and boost brand awareness by visualising your content. Do they take up time and resources? Yes. But because I write and design, it goes a lot quicker.


From your brand values to the way your receptionist answers the phone, you have to ensure that your team reflects your brand at every customer touchpoint. Your profile is more than a vision/mission statement. It helps you turn your team into loyal brand ambassadors because they feel like they’re part of something special. Let me help you capture your brand essence, so you can measure your business against your values.


How do you navigate your way through all the opinions on how you should and shouldn’t engage with your customers online? As an accredited Quirk Digital Marketer, I can help you enhance your marketing strategy by looking at all the angles – your competitors, customer behaviours, social media, website usability and the opportunities and challenges facing your business.


Not feeling the love on Facebook? Not all companies do. To boot, how do you justify the time you invest in keeping your brand relevant through social media? I can help you find the right fit for your business – what to say, how and where to say it – and can break your social media schedule down into manageable, 20-minute-a-day tasks.


Where hard data identifies trends and behaviours, the human voice joins the dots and gives us a glimpse into why things happen. Whether conducting market research, gathering testimonials or simply seeking an expert opinion, I put my journalistic skills and academic prowess to work – helping you ask the right questions to get the most relevant information quickly and accurately.



Why not meet me for coffee if you’re in Cape Town? I’m also quite fond of tea. If not, let’s get digital. 


The tools I can’t do without: